This is a new show on Amazon Prime Video. As I watched, I started to have major deja vu. After a quick search I realized that there is a film called Hanna made in 2011 that was okay, but this series surpasses the quality of the film. I enjoy the main actor, Joel Kinnaman, very much who also starred in The Killing.

I understand why the show has 64% on Rotten Tomatoes, but I am hooked. It isn’t an epic series but it’s entertaining and very hard to stop watching. The acting is also quite decent.

The Shrink Next Door Podcast

I just started this podcast. It is similar in format to Dr. Death, which was also produced by the same people. The show is a mysterious character profile of a strange psychiatrist with an obsession for celebrities who disappears.

Goop Podcast: “Are we all psychic?”

Recently I saw a medium and had an incredible experience. It has left me consuming all the pshychic-related content that I can get my hands on. Laura Lynne Jackson speaks here on the Goop podcast about her experience and what it’s like to be a medium and how we all have these capabilities.

Lemon Zest & Berry Candle

Candles are one of my favorite things. However, there is a clear difference in quality of most candles and price tends to correspond. I have been looking for a candle that I don’t mind burning or don’t secretly get anxiety when I notice my husband has been burning it all day.

This candle from Target smells nice and retails at $10.99. It lasted longer than I expected and when the lights are low the flame and glass cast pretty shadows on the wall. Great for a nice soak in the tub. I just bought a few more to have handy.

Cute Bauble Bud Vase from Anthropologie

If you follow my stories, you saw that I brought my grandmother some roses from my garden this week. I have had this little vase as decor for a while and am definitely reordering.

It’s the medium blue vase in the link, but look at the dimensions as it is actually quite small. Also note that the ordering of this is a little confusing because each size of the vase is actually a different vase.


I read a few articles on adaptogens and it made sense to me. I have had a stubborn couple of pounds from the first baby stick around and so I have been trying to lower my cortisol levels. This article breaks down what adaptogens are and talks about Ashwagandha.

It may be the placebo effect or doing a little more yoga, but I feel much calmer since taking this. If you want to start with a more inexpensive capsule, try this.


I dream to be one of those people with a water bottle with them everywhere they go, but it’s hard for me to not lose it, forget it places and plain just feel like not bothering with it. However, I have decided to just drink enough water to be completely hydrated for a week. Paying attention to the effects, the biggest change has been my energy level. I have been feeling very groggy for the last month or two and even went to the doctor to figure it out. Now that I am drinking 2 liters each day, I feel more alert. My skin has also improved a great deal.

My only tip to continue this is to bring a 1L water bottle around with you or a 1/2L bottle. That way you know if you drink 2 or 4 of those you have had enough for the day. I haven’t linked anything, because I am still trying to find the perfect bottle.

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