Writing these posts makes me realize how fast weeks just fly by in the summer. I cannot believe I am preparing for back to school and fall.

This weekend we found the perfect series for a fast-paced life. It’s great for catching a quick laugh after dinner. Derry Girls has 2 seasons with 6 short episodes. It’s about a group of girls in the 90’s in Northern Ireland. The humor is situational, which I love and wish we had more of in this world.

Our youngest is going to go to an in home daycare and our oldest is back to her wonderful Montessori school. I feel the need to highlight products that actually last. I have mentioned it before, but the Pottery Barn Kids backpacks are so durable. I bought her backpack before she was 1 and 4 years later with heavy use it is not even worn. This year we did get C a new PBK Lunchbox. We could have used last year’s, but it was used so much that I didn’t mind starting out the year with a new one. She also enjoyed picking it out with me.


Another thing that held up for the whole school year were the Jacadi shoes we bought her. She could take them on and off and they were very durable. I’ve been asked a couple of times to go through French kid’s clothing brands and will be doing that soon.

Being a family of two working parents with two children being dropped off different places, it’s important for us to stay organized. That has never been my strong suit. One thing that has stayed with me and I just re-ordered is my Erin Condren calendar. I try not to push things that I doubt anyone would love and this is just amazing. I get the Lifeplanner with the toile design and love that you can personalize. For me I need the hourly layout because often times every 30 minutes of my day is planned out. The problem with electronic calendars is that between my husband, work and school events, I cannot get everything to sync. This is a sure way to know I planned for something and I feel much more confident that the event isn’t just being sent off to a calendar that won’t give me a reminder when necessary.

This weekend I made jalapeño jam for the first time and learned A LOT. The recipe looked so simple. In practice, it was slightly less simple. However, it was delicious. Things to know about jalapeño jam making: it’s messy and sticky, handling jalapeños without gloves is a horrible idea, cooking hot peppers makes the air spicy, monitor pot closely while boiling hot sugar and a probably a few other things. The overall jam is delicious however and I am extremely proud to have made my first product using vegetables from the garden!