Summer has been extremely busy these last few weeks. I can’t seem to find a moment to sit down, but I have had some little things pop into my life that are worth sharing.

There is this pizza that I love from a local restaurant. I dream about it. It’s chorizo, pineapple and jalapeno jam. It was my main reason for planting so many peppers in my garden. Today, I am going to be trying a jam recipe for the first time. It’s always nerve-racking to attempt a whole new technique like jam. However, the peppers are so pretty to look at so I am happy to use them in something.

Eva Chen has again influenced me *sighs in defeat, kicks air, screams d****t* and I have purchased these strange cheap snake skin shorts that I now love.

Then, I decided that maybe accessories from Amazon are a good idea –when did I become this person, I’m scared– so I bought a pack of 12 headbands for $14. I knew in my heart of hearts this would be a mistake, but it turns out it was not. Not only did I wear one today, but my daughter did as well.

As I was down this destructive rabbit hole, I also purchased my 3rd pair of these pajamas (on sale!) and turns out that this click-happy internet shopping haul was 3 for 3. Hooray.

Now, onto the media. I have been truly enjoying a new podcast called “The Clearing”. It’s the daughter of a serial killer and she is searching for information about her horrible father after the fact. The worst subject matter, but truly interesting.

On a lighter listening not, my all-time-favorite internet personality has started a podcast. I think she is still finding her podcast voice, but she is doing great so far. When a new episode is available, I instantly click to listen.

After a cleanse last week, I have been working on a health reset. I’m back to the basics, tracking food and being more active. Nothing new to report here, but it’s always great when you remember why it’s so worth it to get to the gym. I have been casually trying the intermittent fasting app called zero and it’s interesting. I do enjoy the break from food and trying to not eat every single time I feel hungry.

It’s been a few weeks since I started enjoying reading again. It’s been frustrating for me, because reading has been hard for me to stick with since children. Audiobooks are much easier, but it didn’t seem right that sitting down and concentrating on a book should be so difficult. Now that I committed to sitting down each night and at least opening the book, it’s turned into a night habit that I look forward too. I’ve been joining book groups online and my list of reads is long and for the first time in a long time, feels more exciting than daunting.

Here’s a bonus baby pic: