Jeopardy Season 1 is on Netflix

If you know me at all, you know I love Jeopardy. I cannot get enough and it’s impossible for me to change the channel if it is on. It’s so fun to see Alex Trebek with brown hair. I can’t wait to see his dry remarks from 1984.

1st Birthday Gift Ideas

R turns 1 in a couple of weeks. I cannot believe it. This birthday is slightly difficult because you want to make it special, but the baby doesn’t quite know what is going on.

It’s also quite hard to shop for a 1 year old so I put a little gift list together for the age:

  1. Backpacks from Pottery Barn Kids are great. We have one for each of our girls and travel with them. It’s great to have the monogram and bright print so we can always spot it. The quality is great. Our 4 year old is using the bag she received as a 1 year old still.
  2. R loves giving cuddles to her stuffed animals. I found this “Really Big Bashful Puppy”. She’s going to truly love it.
  3. We have primarily pajamas with R or play outfits. Having a nice dress for her party and other special moments is a good idea.
  4. Fat Brain toys are wonderful. These stackers are wonderful.
  5. This little people dollhouse is great. We have had it for years and it is sturdy with big pieces so it is great for babies.
  6. Bamboo is a great option for kids’ dinnerware. Now that R is eating real food, it’s nice to have some quality pieces that last.
  7. These are perfect for little round baby feet. They protect the foot but also allow the baby to walk as if they just have a sock on.
  8. Stella dolls are so sweet. Babies love to pull off the magnetic pacifier and put it back.
  9. Sesame Street anything is great for R. She has a couple of books she is obsessed with. These blocks are adorable.
  10. Standing toys are great to help these little leg muscles form.
  11. This mouse riding toy is just adorable. I love that the wheels move in multiple directions so she doesn’t just get stuck when she runs into the wall/chair/table/door/etc.

A New Educational Children’s Show

Constance has been saying the most interesting things lately. She told me that in order for the keyboard to work the key needs to make contact with the electricity. I asked where she was learning this stuff and it turns out this new cartoon she found has been educating her on all sorts of science. It’s a Russian show and seems much different that a lot of things that are usually available to us.

Here is an episode summary:

Episode 26: The Short Circuit — When Tom Thomas plugs in an old radio it causes a short circuit that shuts off the electricity in the whole apartment. The Fixies locate the circuit breaker and safely restore power to the apartment.

A Service That Helps Ship From France

R has been outgrowing all of her clothes. Unfortunately, I have been having trouble finding things that are good quality and comfortable for her. Usually, when we travel to France. I buy clothes for the kids that they can wear for the next 6 months. It’s much easier because you can buy less for better prices and because the quality is so much better, you can wash over and over again.

The only problem is that a lot of the stores I like do not have international shipping. I use Colis-Expat. It’s an amazing site where you ship your online order to an address in France. Then they send it to you for a fee. I have never had an issue with their service. Personally, I haven’t used their group shipping but it sounds great. You can order multiple things from different places and they will combine your things and send in one package.