Summer is finally officially here and things are busier yet more fun than ever. I’m loving the action of having two kids in the house and playing outside. We have the perfect amount of wedding and showers this year and it’s fun to actually have some time to enjoy our own little family at home and for me to work on my outlet here!

This weeks little things may seem all over the place, but between work and motherhood and trying to live a somewhat social life, my life is just that!


C and I just sat down and looked through the new KIDIDOC book that we received last week. It is incredible. This brand makes my favorite early childhood books by far. The quality is exceptional and the content is amazing. Even Raphie has a couple of Kididoc books that have been around since C was a baby. I bring one home from France every time we go.


Greeting cards can be such an inconvenience sometime. You find a gift and while wrapping it you realize you don’t have a card. Then you run into a store on the way and spend $8 on a card you barely have time to read and a pack of pens because you were sure there was one in your purse when you left the house, but you didn’t have time to double check because you had to stop at the pharmacy on the way to the party… ugh. Anyway, I found this little box of cards on Amazon for such a good price and the cards are adorable! On sale for $14.99 for 32 cute cards.


I received so many comments about how people wanted this dress when I posted this in my stories. Here you go! I am going to pull the trigger too. #bringbacklacoste

I was elated to read this article about the “GOT” aka the “going-out top”. It brings me back to the days of getting ready and not caring about anything except which top you were going to wear because you had your perfect jeans and the one pair of heels that would get you from house party to house party. It’s nostalgic!

Here are a few fun tops from the Shopbop sale:



After what I found to be a disappointing end to Game of Thrones, I decided to jump from TV fan only to the book-reader side of the club. Once I ordered them, I was a little nervous it was a waste considering it is a 5 book commitment and I am a little time-broke at the moment. Turns out that I am enjoying reading them! Here is a link to the whole set.

Also, I have recommended the Bend the Knee Podcast before, but the awesome thing they are doing is an episode for every chapter in the book. It’s great to have a book club post show that you can do at your own pace.

My brother went on a road trip this week and I sent him a couple of podcast recommendations. He actually texted me after to thank me because they made the trip fly. Here are the two True Crime shows I sent him: Up & Vanished and To Live or Die in L.A.


This “Lip Gelee” is the best lip solution for me. I have such dry lips that I always battle with lipstick, but to be honest I don’t really love gloss because it tends to disappear quickly. This product is seriously the best of both worlds. I have it in scorching which is an absolutely beautiful summer color.