This is one of those weeks where I am overloaded with things to watch and listen to rather than scrolling through charts and blogs for recommendations… Between Handmaid’s Tale, Big Little Lies, To Live or Die in L.A., my watching and listening time is full. It’s so nice to have these little pleasures as you truck through the week. Whether you have something on while you are cooking, taking a bath, driving to work, etc. I think it’s great there are so many options right now.


To Live or Die in L.A. is the true crime podcast that I am crazy about like everyone else in the world seemingly. It is produced by Payne Lindsay and similar to Up & Vanished in the way that thanks to the investigative reporting, things in the case start happening. It’s truly a “holy crap” type of experience.

Red All Over is one of my favorite recap pods. The girls are relatable and easy to listen to. I love a podcast that you can have on driving or getting ready and you get a couple of good giggles in before you walk into your next obligation. Think My Favorite Murder for Handmaid’s Tale and it’s about that…


I have purged my closet. It’s an amazing feeling. Part of that has been committing to an easier to manage wardrobe set up for less future waste and more conscious shopping. There is so much I have yet to learn about making sustainable choices, but I am at least trying to keep clothes longer and my footprint smaller. I have been finding some basic things as well as keeping some of my good quality basics. This cinq-a-sept top is so cute and so versatile.

Cleaning your closet is a constant reminder of how quality is much better than quantity. Everything I kept is definitely not fast fashion. There are so many tips and tricks for how to find good quality things for good prices. For example, my Burberry trench was on sale for $300 in my size when it originally retails for $1990. I have had it for 6 years it is as good as the day I purchased it.


I love sunglasses and I love nice sunglasses. However, I do not deserve them, because I cannot keep them nice or in my possession. I saw these on Instagram and ordered them because they were recommended by someone I trust and the price was fair. I received them and am in love.

This bag has my attention, but my rule is I need to want it for quite a while before pulling the trigger.


Baby hair is difficult to manage. It starts growing in crazy directions and you do everything you can to not turn the baby into a cringe-y bowl cut by trimming it out of their faces. I found these adorable $1 felt bows on Etsy when C was little and they have lasted until now. They are great because the clip actually hold hair and they are adorable.

This Montessori project is adorable and I can’t wait to try it with C this weekend. It’s all stuff that we have in the house. I’m enjoying the account that posted this as well.


My husband and I have been stressed about bread since I scoured our grocery store isles and could not find a bread that did not contain a plethora of bizarre ingredients. I was on the boarder of an anxiety attack and decided to continue looking for bread in the bakery section of the store… Even this bread had the same crazy ingredients as the factory made bread. We vowed that eventually we would start making our own.

I love rosemary bread and decided to try this recipe. It piqued my interest because you make it in a dutch oven. What is great about that is not needing a bread machine, mixer or any appliance outside of the oven. I cannot explain how surprised I was with the result. It feels and tastes like real French bread. The outside is crispy and when you tap it gives you that beautiful hollow noise. Inside is a soft pillow of what one calls in French “la mie”.

Our weekly Sunday night meal in the summer. Chicken kabobs, pita bread, hummus and this Israeli couscous salad (note: we do not use chicken broth too cook the couscous and skip the dijon mustard and honey in the dressing). Baby enjoys the salad, hummus and pita and we all devour this with no guilt. It’s all of our favorites.


This $6 rosé is a great new discovery. Yay for Trader Joe’s. I don’t know what I would do without it. P.S. after trying to find the wine online, I am down a wormhole of youtube videos of people critiquing wine. Take a drink every time they say “effervescent”!


Hot Baths…I cannot get enough hot baths. Maybe it’s me, but I feel like the more I sweat each week the better whether it be a sauna, bath or workout. There is something cleansing about the experience. A lot of times, the kids are in bed and I cannot go for a workout when I want to so I jump in the bath. It’s a mental detox as well as a physical. I will put a show on the iPad, read a book, listen to a podcast, etc. with the lights low and some candles lit. My favorite thing to put in the bath are these salts. I particularly like these. In addition to candles, I do put on this Muji diffuser with sage essential oil. Hot tip is to use a dry brush before and after, then moisturize your legs.

Also, this mascara


Something I never thought I would be interested in is broom quality… but here we are. This brush and dustpan are amazing. I use them around 100 times a day. Still on the search for the perfect vacuum…

And for whomever needs a reminder, order some air filters for your HVAC #homeownerproblems


Sage tea has been my nighttime ritual. Uniquely, it was recommended by a medium and I have loved it ever since. Apparently, it has many benefits and you can make it from real sage or buy in sachets.

The other day I had the opportunity for a nap, but I couldn’t relax. I was wired. My body and my mind were not used to shutting off at 3 pm even though I so desired to do so. I went to youtube and typed something about mindfulness meditation in and found this video. I was asleep before it was done.