Flying With 2: Keeping it Simple

Flying With 2: Keeping it Simple

Traveling with 2 is kind of like traveling with 1... except harder. Just kidding, it actually depends on the children, the ages and everything else. It can be easier if you have a tiny baby that sleeps a lot and a well-behaved 4-year-old, than a teething 18-month-old....

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Former New Yorker & Parisian, currently living with my French husband in my hometown in the Midwest. Adapting a cosmopolitan lifestyle to the Midwest.
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Our Best Family Vacation So Far: Kauai

One day the travel bug hit me and I realized that we had not really been anywhere as a family of three without friends or other family. Our lives were feeling more in control after adjusting to parenthood and for some reason Hawaii kept popping into my mind. We are...