It has been a few years since we moved into our home. Before we were living in apartments and never really settled anywhere.

With a new baby and starting new jobs, we put decorating to the side. We were fortunate that home we found had finishes to our liking, so we just ordered some of the necessities. Couch, bed, table, chairs…

When our second baby was on the way, I decided to make the nursery exactly what I wanted and not just useful. I bought drapes, painted the walls, new artwork, and during maternity leave I found how much I enjoyed having a space fully decorated.

My husband was out of town for 6 weeks and as he is allergic to any huge home projects, I started going a little crazy. I changed the floor in the bedroom, had the walls painted, ordered an accent table, chairs, new coffee table, lamps, rugs, etc. I even contracted out some new beams for the kitchen.

Since doing these things, our house finally feels like our own and I enjoy being in it so much more.

If I had to describe my style it would be polished French country… At least that is the best description I have for the time being.