First, let’s talk about Punta Mita.

This property is located about 45 minutes North of Puerto Vallarta. There is a town that borders the property called Punta de Mita. Punta Mita itself is the gated property that borders the town.

There are multiple resorts in the property like the Four Seasons Punta Mita and the St. Regis Punta Mita and many other condos, townhouses and homes. There is a 36 hole Jack Nicklaus golf course and many beach clubs.

Overall, the property is extremely well maintained with great security and vast.

People travel around the property in cars, golf carts or bikes.

Hotel or Rental

For us, we absolutely say Rental for this location if traveling with young children. We found an Airbnb with every amenity imaginable including a chef and a nanny.

We stayed at a property called Las Terrazas in a penthouse condo. The condo had 3 bedrooms and a beautiful terrace. The apartment is owned by a wonderful host with great style. The host seemed to be French and had everything we needed like a fresh juice squeezer, a Nespresso machine, wonderful soaps, shampoos and linens. One way to spot a French host is by the soaps and coffee options!

The chef and housekeeper was included in the stay. We didn’t know what to expect as it was our first experience like this. It was incredible and a huge part of our satisfaction during the trip. We didn’t have to spend the morning hauling everyone down to a restaurant at a hotel and overspending on a few bites of fruit and eggs for the kids. She made traditional Mexican food and we could not get enough. It was healthy and energizing. She also did our laundry and kept the place in order. We couldn’t believe that it was included.

There was also a concierge service that helped us coordinate things. We had great recommendations on restaurants and help with things like a crib and a driver to and from the airport.

With this rental, one of the best parts was the golf cart and pass to the beach clubs. We had access to almost every beach club in Punta Mita. It was absolutely incredible to just hop in the cart and drive through the immaculately manicured property to a beautiful club. It was amazing to feel like we did something different each day as well. If you are staying at a resort, you have to schedule a taxi to another place and don’t have access to all of the clubs.

Parents’ Night Out

We used a nanny service two times. It’s always very unsettling to leave your children with someone you have just met. We hired a woman named Patricia who was certified through the concierge. Our kids loved her and felt comfortable. The first night we went to dinner and for one afternoon we went to the St. Regis just the two of us.


At the Pacifico Beach Club they have a great kids’ pool and swing set. The sand is nice and there was less seaweed and rocks than the St. Regis. The beach at Pacifico was a little rough when we were there, so we didn’t really go in, but it was a great club with or without kids.

Kupuri Beach Club was the number one recommended club, but unfortunately it was closed during our stay.


Absolutely order the butterfly shrimp at Sufi. It is a beautiful restaurant that also has a beautiful view and its own beach club. Driving to it on a cart was also so much fun. It felt like we just found a hidden gem even though it’s a very popular place in Punta Mita.

Si Senor which is changing its name soon is also a great place and more friendly to children. We did not take our kids to Sufi and were happy about that. At Si Senor, the floor is just sand which is a sure way to make you feel like you are on vacation. You can also see the town of Punta de Mita just outside the gates of Punta Mita.


Go during low season! We cannot stress this enough. The prices drop, the pool is all yours, no waiting, no ruining anyone else’s meals or relaxing pool time because you are likely to have the place to yourself. Sure, if you are young, you might be looking for more of a social scene, but with kids, you really just want to be amongst yourself. That said, we still met quite a few travelers and had some great conversations. The best week to go in our opinion is around Labor Day. People are going back to school and in general done with summer. We were told that this is the rainy season but we had one thirty minute storm the entire week. That may be rare, but it was truly beautiful weather.

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