Every nursery needs a good rug. I find that Pottery Barn has some great rugs. Make sure to wait for their sale, because you can get some great deals.


Drapes can make or break a room. I found in a new home with very new finishes, that floor to ceiling drapes can add a lot of character. I personally love a chinoiserie/botanical pattern for a baby’s room.


This acrylic bookshelf adds an updated feel to the room. I love this piece.


A simple crip has been a great option for us.


A cozy corner is a must. I loved sitting here and rocking while I read a book or watched a show.


This giraffe was a gift and this is an old candle that I put some daisies in.

This rocker is one my aunt painted for me when I was a little girl. It’s very sentimental. I love the little accent rockers though.


This dresser is the best. Small drawers but lots of them. It keeps everything very organized.


The changing table is something I bought this time around. We didn’t have room for one in our apartment in NYC. I love it for the organization even if we don’t use it to change Baby R on it anymore.


Thanks for reading about our nursery. It’s a place we have really enjoyed for the last year.