It has been a busy few weeks for us with traveling and then the holiday weekend. I feel fortunate that we have had some amazing weekends recently, but it does leave little time for watching television, reading, listening to podcasts/audiobooks or to be honest even thinking. This week I am sharing a Netflix special that I did happen to catch, one of my favorite Insta accounts and some lifesaving items from this sunny pool weekend.

Brené Brown: Call to Courage

Brené Brown’s name is buzzing around the interwebs. I enjoyed her Ted Talk years ago and clicked on her Netflix special as soon as I had a moment to myself. She’s smart, she’s funny and a pleasure to watch. Her insights are refreshing. If you are looking to watch something that leaves you feeling inspired, watch this.

Ann Street Studio / Jamie Beck Instagram

There is nothing better than Provence in the summertime and Jamie Beck captures it beautifully. She is a still life photographer and her stories are mesmerizing.

Puddle Jumper

If you have a 2-4 year old, you need one of these. Ours had lasted a couple of years and seems to be the safest and most useful swim accessory. The padding is on the chest that holds them up and it keeps them from falling forwards into the water. They also do not fall out of it like a lifejacket, and it isn’t as bulky.

My daughter doesn’t protest when we put it on her. She loves being able to float around.

Maui Vera

Every once in a while, we underestimate the sun and if you are fair-skinned like myself, you may end up with some tender redness. We bought this in Hawaii a few years ago and I pulled it out on Sunday when I woke up cringing at my bright, red skin.

It took the sting away in seconds and added much needed moisture. The fragrance is also light and nice.

Baby Boat Float

Someone brought this over this weekend and Raphaëlle used it on her first time ever in the pool. She loved it! It seems pretty comfortable. My 4 year old also loved being in it.

And P.S. my glasses are on sale!

Matching my kids is an obsession that I may never overcome. These suits were awesome this weekend. Having Raphie’s arms covered was such a relief and she really seemed to be comfortable.

There are so many cute kid suits around, but knowing how long they stick around I went for something basic and I’m really happy about that now. Yellow is such a great summer color.

Hanna Andersson Baby Suit

Hanna Andersson Girls One-Piece

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