My husband and I just returned from a long weekend in New York. People keep asking what we did and when I tell them, it sounds like we did nothing. However, our days felt so full and exciting.

It had me reminiscing about the things I miss about being a New Yorker:

  1. Atmosphere – In the Midwest, developers are always fighting to build atmosphere. In New York, because of the population, architecture, rivers and diversity, there is no lack of atmosphere. We were both immediately so stimulated to go out and explore.
  2. Food – They have the food that I like; a pressed juice, oysters at every restaurant, amazing cocktails, any cuisine you could imagine at your fingertips and to you anytime of day and anywhere.
  3. People – Everyone you meet has something interesting going on in their lives. You can meet people in any industry or any art.
  4. Things to do – My husband went to a seminar near Bryant Park. He felt bad at first for leaving me alone when it was supposed to be a couples trip, but I stumbled upon a free opera in Bryant Park and then hit up some awesome sales at Bloomingdales.
  5. Shopping – The amount of interesting things to look at are infinite. I found so many things I wanted but resisted–except for a pretty new sweater.
  6. Walking – We started from Battery Park and walked up the Westside Highway. It was beautiful weather and so many people were out being active with their friends and families. Having somewhere to walk and feeling like there is more motivation than just exercise is a great feeling.
  7. Views – I sat with a friend and had coffee one morning at the Elevated Acre. The view of Governor’s Island and Brooklyn is amazing.
  8. The Culture – One dinner, we had someone from India, New York, Kansas, Iowa, Wisconsin, Paris, the Dominican Republic and Russia. It was a great conversation and so many interesting perspectives.
  9. Traveling – There are so many opportunities to travel from New York because of the multiple airports and proximity to Europe.
  10. The parks – Seeing people take advantage of green spaces is amazing. Everyone in the suburbs wants a big yard, but oftentimes people don’t take advantage of them. It’s so great to see people driving boats in a pond, taking some sun, playing frisbee, using hula hoops, jogging, having a picnic etc. It feels like true human connection and is very invigorating.