How to do Punta Mita with Young Children

How to do Punta Mita with Young Children

First, let's talk about Punta Mita. This property is located about 45 minutes North of Puerto Vallarta. There is a town that borders the property called Punta de Mita. Punta Mita itself is the gated property that borders the town. There are multiple resorts in the...

About Me

Former New Yorker & Parisian, currently living with my French husband in my hometown in the Midwest. Adapting a cosmopolitan lifestyle to the Midwest.
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This week’s little things

Jeopardy Season 1 is on Netflix If you know me at all, you know I love Jeopardy. I cannot get enough and it's impossible for me to change the channel if it is on. It's so fun to see Alex Trebek with brown hair. I can't wait to see his dry remarks from 1984. 1st...

My Little Summer Bucket List

1.) Be in the water as much as possible. 2.) Have a picnic with husband and kids. 3.) Draw landscape outside with C. 4.) Do a nature walk. 5.) Read a guilty pleasure novel. 6.) Take a weekend roadtrip with husband and kids. 7.) Do yoga once a week. 8.) Grill out with...

10 Things I Miss About Living in NYC

My husband and I just returned from a long weekend in New York. People keep asking what we did and when I tell them, it sounds like we did nothing. However, our days felt so full and exciting. It had me reminiscing about the things I miss about being a New Yorker:...