Flying With 2: Keeping it Simple

Flying With 2: Keeping it Simple

Traveling with 2 is kind of like traveling with 1... except harder. Just kidding, it actually depends on the children, the ages and everything else. It can be easier if you have a tiny baby that sleeps a lot and a well-behaved 4-year-old, than a teething 18-month-old....

About Me

Former New Yorker & Parisian, currently living with my French husband in my hometown in the Midwest. Adapting a cosmopolitan lifestyle to the Midwest.
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This week’s little things

Jeopardy Season 1 is on Netflix If you know me at all, you know I love Jeopardy. I cannot get enough and it's impossible for me to change the channel if it is on. It's so fun to see Alex Trebek with brown hair. I can't wait to see his dry remarks from 1984. 1st...

My Little Summer Bucket List

1.) Be in the water as much as possible. 2.) Have a picnic with husband and kids. 3.) Draw landscape outside with C. 4.) Do a nature walk. 5.) Read a guilty pleasure novel. 6.) Take a weekend roadtrip with husband and kids. 7.) Do yoga once a week. 8.) Grill out with...

10 Things I Miss About Living in NYC

My husband and I just returned from a long weekend in New York. People keep asking what we did and when I tell them, it sounds like we did nothing. However, our days felt so full and exciting. It had me reminiscing about the things I miss about being a New Yorker:...